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O2 the substance of the atmosphere - necessary to sustain most life
TiO2 the photo catalyst that cleans the O2
aerO2 the coating that brings the technology to your life

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carmaggedon with cars

California’s Carmaggedon II Effects Air Quality in a Positive Way

What if we said we can reduce NOx by 75% ?  But then told you it would mean the complete shut down of Interstate 405.   I am sure a few people would support this effort but the thousands of

asthma in children

Children + Air Pollution = Asthma

According to the American Lung Association 7 million children suffer from asthma, and research has linked air pollution to an increase in attacks and breathing difficulties.    Asthma attacks in children can be triggered by exercise and impurities in the

la smog

California Study on TiO2

The California Energy Commission sponsored a research paper,  EVALUATION OF TITANIUM DIOXIDE AS A PHOTOCATALYST FOR REMOVING AIR POLLUTANTS.   (The Executive Summary from the paper is shown below).   The research focused on existing reports on TiO2 catalytic properties.  The conclusion